PU-D20 Visco Elastic Damping Layer is a two component polyurethane compound, designed for use in constrained layer application.

PU-D20 Concrete System is a method of noise control in ships, which acts by preventing vibration of the steel structure. The energy thus absorbed is therefore not available to be radiated as sound in the treated area or in other parts of the ship.

Density of PU-D20: Approx. 1,35 kg/mm/m2

Density of constraining layer: BH 3000 approx. 1,6 kg/mm/m2 / BS 3010 approx. 1,6 kg/mm/m2 / BL 2000 approx. 0,9 kg/mm/m2

Thickness of build-up: Minimum 11 mm

Weight of build-up: Minimum 17,35 kg/m2

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