2021.07.09 Good news
After being "on hold" for 2 years, our famous Poly-Marine Anti-Skid System will very soon be a part of our product line again. Fire tested according to IMO 2010 FTP and certified by DNV/USCG. Our Poly-Marine System is designed for anti-skid treatment to carriageways, road bridges, link spans, RO/RO ramps and decks, decks of multi-storey car parks, etc

2021.07.07 New talks in the Board room
The marine industry has experienced extrems during the pandemic: upwards cargo markets and vertical drops in cruise tourism
This sparks some interesting talks on threats and opportunities in the board room

2021.06.14 We have new products on the way. We will keep you posted

2020.11.01 Our company address will changed to:

DMS A/S, Grundet Bakke 48, 7100 Vejle, Denmark

All other company information will remain the same

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