PU-D20 Steel System & DLP Floating Floor consists of a vibration damped floor in combination with a floating floor.

The vibration damped floor construction is a sandwich floor construction consisting of minimum 1,5 mm el. galv. steel tiles as a constrained top layer applied on top of minimum 1 mm PU-D20 Visco Elastic Damping Layer.

On top of the PU-D20 Steel System a floating floor is applied. DLP Floating Floor consists of minimum 50 mm SeaRox SL436 140 kg/m3, 3 mm steel plate, 1 mm PU-D20 Visco Elastic Damping Layer and 2 mm steel plate.

By using these two systems together in one build-up it will be possible to get a better reduction of both noise and vibration.

Density of PU-D20: Approx. 1,35 kg/mm/m2

Density of steel tiles: Approx. 6,48 kg/mm/m2

Density of SeaRox SL436: 140 kg/m3

Density of steel plate: Approx. 8,0 kg/mm/m2

Thickness of build-up: Minimum 58,5 mm

Weight of build-up: Approx. 59 kg/m2

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