DMS A/S is a Company producing a comprehensive range of flooring and sound damping systems for the maritime industry.

The combination of a high-capacity, state-of-the-art production facility and many years' experience enables us to supply very strong solutions to our customers around the World. DMS A/S currently services customers in more than 40 countries - all at very competitive prices.

An expert partner

For DMS A/S, it is not only about selling solutions to the maritime industry. It is just as much about being a company that is an expert in its field and always focuses on its customers.

Our development division works purposefully to ensure that we are always able to supply our customers with new products..

We listen to our customers

At DMS A/S, customers are never left to their own devices. Our technical division is always on hand to assist our customers around the World. At DMS A/S, you will always find employees with in-depth knowledge of our products, and we are happy to share our knowhow to ensure that our customers get the very best solutions for their Projects.

At DMS A/S, we strive not only to remain competitively priced. We endeavour just as much to ensure that our products are of very high quality and not least that we always offer the best lead times in the market - for the benefit of our many customers.




Our products are manufactured at new, state-of-the-art, high-capacity production facilities which enables DMS A/S to product large volumes within a very short timeframe.

In the Laboratory, our products are continuously checked to ensure uniform high quality. Our Laboratory is also the place where we focus on further improvement of existing products as well as development of new ones.


The production facilities includes warehouses with a buffer stock of our products which means that we always have these specific products ready to ship.

We retain an additional satelite warehouse which enables our qualified staff, at very short notice, to meet our customers' requirements as soon as urgent demand arises. This warehouse also acts as a hub for order processing for all our customers around the World.




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